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Costs & Estimates

Magic Pictures maintains a continuously updated price list relative to crew hire rates, equipment, accommodation, and transportation rates, in addition to custom clearance fees and any other prospective production cost. As soon as a script and/or storyboard is received, A thorough analysis of the project is performed to establish a tailored proposal with regards to production logistics, shooting locations, casting, crew, equipment and other production requirements. Magic Pictures guarantees the reliability of the cost estimates it provides, and establishes comprehensive and detailed breakdown of potential production costs according to the requirements and specificities of each project.

Location scout

Immediately after receiving a script and/or storyboard, Magic Pictures will provide hard or scanned pictures from its comprehensive location library conforming to the project’s requirements. Under request, additional pictures and/or videotapes of specific locations can be taken and forwarded. Magic Pictures will organize any commissioned location scout under request, with compliance to budget limitations and project’s requirements.

Permits & Authorizations

An official shooting permit issued by the CCM (Moroccan Cinematographic Center) is required to film in Morocco. Magic Pictures handles the application for the shooting permit on behalf of the foreign film production company. Magic Pictures handles the acquirement of necessary government authorizations to film in public places and/or in military locations, and to use military equipment. A foreign film production company holding a convertible Dirhams bank account at a Moroccan bank, is eligible to obtain VAT (Value Added Tax) exclusion for purchases over 5000 MAD. VAT in Morocco is 20%. Magic Pictures applies for the VAT exclusion on behalf of the foreign film production company.

Custom clearances

Magic Pictures handles all custom clearances of filming equipment through an experienced Moroccan transit agent for any temporary or permanent import to Morocco. A Magic Pictures’ representative collaborates with the transit agent to organize custom clearance operations for all shipments (camera and sound equipments, props, costume, and rushes…). Magic Pictures’ management will advise on the most efficient and cost-effective freight option for each shipment. After the final wrap, Magic Pictures ensures the custom clearance and shipment of all the equipment and rushes back to their country of origin.

Crew & Equipment

Moroccan filmmaking technicians and production professionals are well known for their talent, competence, and extensive experience. Magic Pictures guarantees the hiring of highly skilled multilingual film technicians with significant practice working in foreign film productions. Magic Pictures management ensures that production needs for each project are met in a proactive, healthy, and pleasant work environment. Owing to the substantial film production activity in Morocco, a wide variety of lighting & grip equipment is available locally. Grip: Panther, Fisher, Dollies, cranes, helicopter mounts.....Lights: HMIs, Kinoflo, Dedolights, Wendy lights, Cinepar, silent generators... On location equipment: mobile phones, walkie talkies, megaphones, tents, road-blocking equipment, wind machines, emergency vehicles, ambulance..... Owing to its tied business relationships with equipment providers throughout Morocco and Spain, Ma

Transportation & Accommodation

Magic Pictures arranges for airport transfers for cast, crew members and equipment, and guarantees that each arriving person is properly greeted at the airport by a member of the company’s team. Magic Pictures arranges for international and domestic air ticketing, and provides local vehicle hire (limousines, full and midsize cars, 4-wheel drives, minibuses, vans, pick-up trucks, make up and wardrobe trucks, sound and camera trucks, helicopters, aeroplanes…) with or without trained drivers, at very competitive rates.Morocco offers an extensive variety of accommodations (5, 4, 3 stars hotels, motels, bed &breakfasts, villas…) which can match the requirements and budget of any production. Magic Pictures books accommodations on the production company’s behalf, and benefits from preferential rates and discounts from most of hotels in the country.

Art Department

Magic Pictures assures the hiring of the most talented and creative art department professionals with broad experience working on diverse projects with challenging requirements. Art department crew has the requisite skills and competence to perform jobs from the design stage of the project to the finished sets, including props buying, construction, carpentry, painting, set dressing… Animals: camels, horses, gazelles, snakes… Magic Pictures animal wranglers and stunt coordinators have experience and practice in safely and consistently handling all types of animals. Action vehicles: cars, trucks, motorcycles, sailboats power boats, airplanes, helicopters… All vehicles can be painted and altered to conform to the project requirements, and rented at competitive rates. Military props, vehicles, helicopters, and weapons can be provided from the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces through official procedures which Magic Pictures conducts on behalf of the foreign production company. and discounts from most of hotels in the country.

Props & Costumes

Magic Pictures works with professional props masters, props buyers, and set dressers who have extensive experience and creativity. Props pieces can be rented and/or bought at competitive prices, and special props can be manufactured on location by artisans according to projects’ requirements. Magic Pictures works with skilled costume designers and professional tailors to create and manufacture costumes according to each project needs, and to perform alterations and tailoring to rented costumes. On site tailoring and wash & dye facilities are provided for all projects rates and discounts from most of hotels in the country.

Props & Costumes

Magic Pictures works with catering service companies reputed for their extensive experience in providing quality cookery services for film productions, and their concern for food health and safety issues. These companies have successfully provided catering facilities all over the country in both urban and remote locations. Magic Pictures benefits from preferential prices on set meals and craft services, and negotiates discounts depending on the volume of the orders.

Casting & Talents

Morocco is known for its ethnically and culturally diverse population which reflects the populations of Africa, Europe, Asia, America, and the Middle East. Magic Pictures works with professional casting directors and collaborates with established casting agencies to arrange for professional drama actors, models, extras, and stunts. Magic Pictures’ casting directors cast on tape and digital camera, and can, on request, email or freight casting sessions’ tapes


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